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All My Children femslash pairings

Lianca -- Lena Kundera/Bianca Montgomery

Listed in roughly chronological order relative to the Lena/Bianca storyline arc as it played out on the show.

Accountability -- Lena/Bianca -- Rating: all ages

I Can Stay -- Lena/Bianca -- Rating: all ages

One Moment of Normal -- Lena/Bianca -- Rating: 13+

Lost, and Found -- Lena/Bianca -- Rating: 13+ -- sequel to "One Moment of Normal"

Necessary Truths -- Lena/Bianca -- Rating: 13+

Senses -- Lena/Bianca -- Rating: 17+

Fantasy Dialogues

Not a series in the usual sense.  Each piece stands alone, but they are all united by my profound frustration at how the Lena/Bianca storyline and characters were being written by TPTB.  The three are basically re-workings of three specific scenes from the show, the airdate of each is included in the story notes, and they are listed below in chronological order.

Fantasy Lianca Dialogue I -- Lena/Bianca -- Rating: 13+

Fantasy Kendall Dialogue -- Bianca, Kendall -- Rating: 13+

Fantasy Lianca Dialogue II -- Lena/Bianca -- Rating: 13+

Other AMC femslash

Perversity and Other Embarrassments -- Erica/Greenlee, references to Lena/Bianca -- Rating: 15+