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Guiding Light

Otalia -- Olivia Spencer/Natalia Rivera


IDF_logo NEW - Something, Not This -- Guiding Light -- Olivia/Natalia, Olivia/Doris (sort of) -- 13+

NEW - Where You Belong -- Guiding Light -- Olivia/Natalia -- 13+

Anima v. Persona -- Olivia/Natalia, featuring Doris Wolfe -- Rating: 10+

The Unexpected Graces series

There will be at least one additional piece in this series, to be named after the series itself, though I haven't started on it, yet. :)

Uncomfortable Truths -- Olivia/Natalia -- Rating: 13+

Steps on the Road to Us -- Olivia/Natalia -- Rating: 13+

Unexpected Graces -- coming...eventually. -- Olivia/Natalia