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Lap Dance -- X-Files/Babylon 5 crossover -- Scully/Ivanova -- Rating: 17+

The Angst on a Shoestring Series

Warning: While each installment can be read as a stand-alone piece, the overall story arc of this series is as-yet unfinished, though I still hope to finish it, one day...  

Additional Note: When I initially wrote these pieces, I was bouncing around in my own timeline, so the initial numbering scheme is somewhat different from the order in which they should be read according to my timeline. The order I've listed them in below is the order in which they should be read, with one exception: I would recommend reading the original (non-subtitled) installment first, or at least before the prequel.


Angst on a Shoestring: Comfort, No Joy -- Scully/f -- Rating: 13+ -- The prequel

Angst on a Shoestring -- Scully/f -- Rating: 13+ -- The original piece that inspired the series

Angst on a Shoestring: Here Comes the Rain Again -- Scully/f -- Rating: 13+

Angst on a Shoestring: In Between Time -- Scully/f -- Rating: 13+

Angst on a Shoestring: What a Difference a Day Makes -- Scully/f -- Rating: 13+


The Metaphysics of Scully -- Scully/Reyes -- Rating: 17+

I Dream of Reyes -- Scully/Reyes -- Rating: 17+ -- May be viewed as a sequel to "Metaphysics"

Low Visibility -- Scully/Reyes -- Rating: 13+

Mulder Who?

These stories were based on a challenge by AmberDragon to take any episode from any season and write in Reyes in place of Mulder as though she had been Scully's partner all along. There maybe other entries in this series, eventually, but these two episodes were the first ones that came to mind after reading the challenge.

A/U for episode #312: War of the Coprophages
Attack of the Killer Cockroaches -- Sc/R (sort of), Reyes/f (sort of) -- Rating: 13+

A/U for episode #313: Syzygy
Sure. Fine. Whatever. -- Sc/R (sort of), Reyes/f (sort of) -- Rating: 13+