The Color of Pleasure

by Susan P.
  Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine     Pairing: Intendant Kira/Ezri Tigan  
  Rating, etc.: 17+, f/f with explicit lesbian sex.  
  Spoilers: Spoilers for the DS9 Mirror-Universe arc, from "Crossover," #223, up through "The Emperor's New Cloak." #712.  
  Summary: Sometimes 'first contact' can be fun, in spite of the circumstances.  
  Author's Notes: Set entirely in the DS9 Mirror-Universe, some time after the events of "Crossover," #223, but before the rebels take over the station and well before the events of "The Emperor's New Cloak." #712 where the Intendant/Ezri relationship is revealed.  This was inspired by the spoilers & previews for #712, but I deliberately put off watching that episode until I'd finished this piece.  Trace's DS9 Encyclopedia & Lexicon was a big help for getting people & place names " spellings correct.  
  Disclaimers: These characters belong to Paramount. This particular story is mine, and was written for fun, not for profit.  
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I was dancing in the middle of the desert,
you said we'll burn under the hot sun,
I said I'd rather be the color of pleasure
than watch like you from under the thumb.
                -- Sinead Lohan, "No Mermaid"

"Bring in the prisoner."

"Which prisoner, Intendant?"

"The...pretty one." Her smile was predatory, as were most of her smiles.

"Yes, Intendant, right away." The Klingon guard nodded and turned to leave. He was well on his way to the holding cells before he allowed himself to sneer at the Intendant's so-obvious plans for the young Trill. One had to guard one's expressions, and one's opinions, on Terok Nor—if one wanted to live.

Meanwhile, the Intendant paced her quarters, formulating her plan of attack. When her door chime sounded, she quickly moved to her couch and draped herself across it before answering, "Come."

The Klingon guard shoved the young girl into the room ahead of him, and she turned to glare at him. It almost seemed as if she would attack him...almost.

"Take care, Intendant," the guard growled, "she is...stronger than she looks."

The young woman turned then, a look of triumph on her face. "I slugged him."

The Intendant ignored the Klingon's growl, and merely nodded. "Leave us, but post two guards outside. I may have need of them."

"Yes, Intendant." He then left and assigned the guards before heading to his quarters to attend to the bruise forming under his eye.

The Intendant rose and moved toward the young woman. "My, my, but you are a brave little one!"

The young woman stood straighter, though with some slight hesitation. She watched the sinuous motion of the taller woman's hips. "Aren't you afraid of...dislocating something?" she asked, half sarcasm, half curiosity.

The Intendant smiled broadly. "Well, I haven't yet... Now, tell me, what is your name?"

"Ezri. Ezri Tigan."

"Well, Ezri. Tell me. What prompted you to take a swing at Sol'ko, hm?" She stroked a hand along the young woman's chin as she circled behind her.

"He called me...little one", she sneered. But, as the Intendant came back to face her again, she continued. "Well, actually, he called me a little p'tak, but I guess that's not quite..." She took a deep breath, only to pause momentarily and clutch at her left side. "...the same." She grunted, in pain.

"He hurt you!"

"I...think...he cracked a rib...or two."

The Intendant's face hardened for a moment. "He will pay for that. Now, please, come sit down while I get the medical kit." She guided Ezri over to the couch and eased her down, then left for the adjacent room. 

The Intendant returned to find Ezri adjusting her position on the couch, leaning back against the raised corner of it. She knelt in front of the couch, placing the med-kit beside her on the floor. "Would you like something for the pain?"

"No. No sedatives."

"Oh, believe me, you're much more useful to me awake. Here," she handed the young woman a hypo, "check the dosage yourself."

Ezri took the hypo and adjusted it before applying it to her neck. 

The Intendant began running a medical tricorder over her injuries. She reached back into the med-kit for another device. "Now, raise your tunic for me."

Ezri stiffened. "I can take care of it myself."

The Intendant smiled briefly. "If nothing were broken, yes. But there are two hairline fractures—no breaks, though, Sol'ko must have gone easy on you. At any rate, the movements of the bone-knitter must be very precise. It will simply be easier, and more precise, if I do it. Now, please? I promise I won't bite—unless you ask, of course," she smiled.

Ezri allowed herself a small smile. She raised her tunic, exposing her lower chest and stomach, but keeping her breasts covered.

The redhead moved in closer, using the tricorder as a guide as she repaired the fractured ribs. "So, Ezri Tigan. Care to tell me what you and your little band of rebels are up to?"

"Hah. They're not my little band of anything. They needed a pilot, I needed latinum, and they had plenty."

"Do you really expect me to believe that?"

"No. But it happens to be the truth."

"Hm." The Intendant checked the tricorder readings again, before reaching back into the med-kit. She held up a dermal regenerator. "I took care of the fractures. Now, would you like to take of that nasty bruise, or shall I?"

The young woman shrugged. "Go ahead."

"Good." She began running the regenerator over the damaged tissue. "So, what was it the rebels were paying you for?"

"I was to take them to Dreon VII, where they would rendezvous with a Miradorn freighter. They would transfer over to the freighter and I would receive one passenger and one piece of cargo from the freighter."

"What cargo? What passenger?"

"I don't know. I chose not to ask. They assured me that the danger for me would end once they left the ship, so I didn't care what happened after that."  

"What was your destination after the transfer?"

Ezri laughed, "Risa. Another reason I didn't care who or what would be sharing the journey with me. I was looking forward to"

"Risa? They must have paid you well!"

"They did. But the half they paid me up front is now in the hands of your guards, and I doubt I'll see it again. And since your patrol intercepted us near the Rola Nebula, I'll never have the chance to collect the other half."

The Intendant paused and glanced over to her computer console, as if considering something. After a moment, she merely bent back to her task with the regenerator.

The silence hung between them. Ezri watched as the last of the bruise on her side faded away.

"There. Better?" The Intendant looked at the young woman and smiled.

"Yes. It itches, though." She squirmed a little and made a move to scratch the area.

But the Intendant caught Ezri's hand in her own. "No, let me." She quickly dropped the regenerator into the med-kit before reaching back to scratch the Trill's side. She alternated her nails with the pads of her fingers, moving in gentle, sweeping motions. 

The young woman sighed and leaned into the touch, closing her eyes.

"Better?" The Intendant stopped her scratching motions, but rested her hand against the area, warming it.

Ezri opened her eyes reluctantly. "Much." She placed her hand atop the Intendant's for a moment. "Thank you."

"Oh. My pleasure," she said, leaning in closer. "Ezri..." she looked down and slid her hand to the Trill's stomach. "...Tigan. That's your family name?"

"Yes. I am unjoined. One voice in my head is quite enough."

The Intendant laughed and gazed into her eyes: warm brown meeting cool blue. The moment stretched out between them.

It was Ezri who broke the silence. "Intendant?"

"Please," she purred, "call me Nerys."

"Nerys...your hand..." Ezri breathed.

Kira raised her left hand and looked at it a moment, as though confused. She then said, "Oh." A finger tapped Ezri's belly. "This hand?" She smiled.

The Trill merely nodded.

"Shall I remove it? Or...simply move it?" At that, she slid her hand upward to brush the curve of a breast, causing the Trill to gasp. Kira leaned in closer still. So close that she could hear the other woman's shallow breathing. So close that Ezri could feel the redhead's hot breath against her cheek. Kira uttered one word—part command, part plea: "Yes?"

Ezri nodded once before finding her voice. "Yes."

Almost immediately, Kira slid her hand under the tunic, covering a breast. She leaned in to kiss the woman beneath her—slowly at first, teasing with lips and tongue. Ezri responded eagerly and the kiss intensified; her arms slipped around the Intendant's shoulders.

They kissed for some long moments; each lost in the exploration of the other. Kira's hand on Ezri's breast, her thumb tracing lazy circles around the hardening nipple. Ezri's hand entangled in red tresses, her other hand caressing Kira's neck and face.

It was the Intendant who broke the kiss, pulling back to look at her young prisoner. "Delightful," she breathed. She slid her right hand to Ezri's other breast and brought the other up to trace a finger along the Trill's jawline, and then her lips. She gasped slightly when Ezri captured her finger, gently sucking and biting the digit. Kira sighed. "You know, I really should be checking out your story, but you are such a wonderful distraction..."

Ezri released her finger and smiled. "What's another hour...or two?"

Kira laughed. "I do like the way you think." She stood and held out a hand. Ezri took it and rose from the couch to follow Kira to her bed.

The two stood beside the bed, facing one another, for a moment. Kira then stepped forward to undress the young woman. She slid her hands under Ezri's leather jacket to slide it back and off her shoulders and then pushed it down and off. She then slid her warm hands along the Trill's sides, pushing her tunic up as she went. Ezri raised her arms to allow the Intendant to pull the garment up and off. Kira used similar teasing caresses to remove the young woman's trousers and underwear, before kneeling to remove her boots. She then stood and stepped back, openly admiring the Trill's body for some moments. Finally, she reached for the zipper at her collar.

Ezri had struggled to remain still under Kira's touch, and her gaze, but now it was she who stepped forward to halt the other woman's progress. "My turn now," she said as she grasped at the zipper. Removing the leather jumpsuit, and then her boots took some time and effort, but the young woman enjoyed the task, taking every opportunity to tease and caress the redhead's body. In comparison, removing her silky underthings was much simpler, though no less enjoyable. Pressing her advantage, she backed the Intendant against the edge of the bed.  Her fingertips roamed the terrain of the other woman's body, tracing light trails along her legs, stomach, sides, back and neck. She then leaned in to kiss the hollow of Kira's neck. She slowly worked her way down, kissing and licking the woman's neck and shoulders, before making her way to Kira's left breast.

The redhead gasped as Ezri's mouth found her nipple. She arched into that mouth and reached up to hold the woman's head. She moaned softly as Ezri began lightly biting at the hardened nub.

After some moments, Ezri kissed her way to Kira's other breast and began lavishing it with the same attention.

The Intendant raised her other hand up to begin stroking along the side of Ezri's face, moving from her temple to her shoulder and back, tracing along the trail of her spots. The young woman moaned against her breast, causing ripples of sensation. She moaned in return, murmuring, "Ezri."

The Trill looked up at that point. Kira traced a finger along her jaw. "Join me," she said as she moved further back onto the bed. Ezri followed until the two were lying side by side. Ezri lay on her back, and Kira moved to lie against the Trill's side. She hooked a leg over one of Ezri's, insinuating her thigh between the other woman's legs. 

"You're driving me crazy, little one."

"So I can feel. You're wet," Ezri replied, smiling.

Kira edged her thigh forward to press against the other woman's sex. "Hmm. So are you."

Ezri gasped at the contact. "I have been for some time."

"Well, perhaps I can be of some...assistance..."

The Trill's only reply was to reach up to pull Kira's face down for a kiss. The redhead responded eagerly, deepening the kiss. Her hand began a lazy exploration of the body beneath her as her tongue was exploring her mouth. They kissed until Ezri began writhing beneath Kira, grinding her hips against the woman's thigh. Kira broke the kiss, breathless. Her mouth found a nipple and lavished it with the same attention she had received from Ezri's mouth. She moved a hand down the young woman's belly, moving her thigh to make room for her questing fingers. 

Ezri gasped as the Intendant's fingers brushed lightly against her engorged clit. Kira's fingers sought the slick wetness between the Trill's thighs. She inserted two, then three fingers, putting pressure on Ezri's clit with her thumb. She began moving those fingers, matching the rhythm of Ezri's thrusting hips—allowing her to drive them both.

Ezri moaned, "Yes."

Kira rose up to watch the young woman, paying close attention to her ragged breathing and the increasingly frenzied motions of her hips. "Ezri."


"Look at me," Kira commanded.

The young woman opened her eyes and fixed them on Kira's. "...try," she managed.

Kira slipped her fingers from Ezri's opening, and moved to massage her clit, gradually increasing the pressure.

"Yes...Nerys...Don't—Aaahh!" The Trill lapsed into inarticulate moans and gasps as she rode the waves of her orgasm. She fell back against the bed, trying to catch her breath.

Kira reached up to caress Ezri's face. "There, there, little one. Rest now."

Ezri took a deep breath. "Not a chance!" she said, pushing Kira over onto her back and lying on top of her. She smiled at the look of surprise on the redhead's face and leaned in for a kiss. She released Kira's mouth and slid down to kiss and tease her breasts. But only briefly. Kira moaned at the loss of contact, and then moaned again as Ezri moved lower, kissing along her lower stomach. Ezri stopped to briefly tease the other woman's navel, before settling between her thighs.

Kira moaned in anticipation at the sight of the young woman. Ezri lowered her mouth to lap at the redhead's moist center. She slipped her tongue between the slick folds to find the ridged clitoris. She covered it with her mouth, gently licking and sucking at it.

Kira's hips bucked involuntarily. "Yes, little one. There."

Ezri continued to lick and suck at the sensitive organ and slid two fingers inside.

Kira moaned and reached down to hold Ezri's head. Her hips began thrusting to meet the fingers moving inside her. "Yes. Ezri. Please." Her grip tightened on the Trill's head as she neared completion.

When Ezri felt the first contractions around her fingers, she sucked Kira's clit into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue.

Kira moaned loudly as the light exploded behind her eyes and she came-hard.

When Kira's movements slowed and then stopped, Ezri rose and climbed up to lie next to the Bajoran. Kira took her in her arms and kissed her-tasting herself on the Trill's tongue. "Thank you, little one."

"My pleasure."

Exhausted, the two fell into a light sleep.

Kira awoke slowly, turning to reach out for the other woman, but not finding her. She rose and looked around for the Trill. "Kira to Sec-"

"Don't bother, Intendant." Ezri emerged from the next room, fully clothed and holding a phaser. "I tampered with the Comm system when you so obligingly left the room earlier."

"You won't get away, you know."

"Oh, but I will, as will the two rebels captured with me, and the prisoner they were sent to liberate. In fact, they should be transporting out any minute now."

"What prisoners?"

"A Terran named Jimenez, and my brother, Norvo. Of course, he was arrested under a different name-Enok Botrel."

"So, you are with the rebels..."

"No. I'm just working for them. They have the latinum and, because of Norvo, it served my interests to help them.

"And how, exactly, do you plan to get off the station undetected?"

"The rebels apparently encountered a rather interesting race on the other side of the...quadrant. Their transporter technology is rather advanced, and their system operates over a much greater range. Smiley was able to trade some information for a look at the engineering specs. He was able to develop a working prototype." She grabbed the corner of her jacket. "We have locator transponders sewn into our clothing, with extras for Jimenez and Norvo. The rebels had reason to believe they could safely get those transponders into their hands. I didn't ask how. Once that's done, they can send a brief signal by exposing one of the transponders to an energy field. There's a ship waiting-some distance away, of course-for that signal."

"So, you allowed yourself to be captured?"

"Yes. And, given the rumors about your sexual...appetites, we assumed that one of us would be able to...distract you...long enough to carry out the plan without risking serious harm to anyone."

"So, you were just using me."

"Don't look so wounded, Intendant. You were using me, as well. And, if you'd found me out, my life wouldn't have been worth much-regardless of how well I...performed. I must say, though, I'm glad you chose me to...interrogate."

"You enjoyed yourself, then."

"Yes. But I expected that." She then moved over to sit on the edge of the bed. "What I didn't expect was that I would regret having to leave you. You are quite a woman, Nerys."

"As are you, Ezri."

At that moment, the transponder emitted a brief audio signal. Ezri stood and tapped the crystal once. "They will be transporting me out in a moment. You know, I almost hope we meet again, Nerys. In spite of the fact that it could be hazardous to my health."

Ezri stood still as she felt the first tingles from the transporter beam.  In a few moments, she was gone.

"Well, little one, let's hope your little mission won't be too hazardous to my health. I, too, would like to see you again," the Intendant spoke to the empty air.


© February 2000