Caught in the Act

by Susan P.
  Fandom: ER      Pairing: Kerry/Kim  
  Rating, etc.: 13+, for a little making out  
  Spoilers: none, really  
  Summary: A response to the 'Kim and Kerry get caught making out by one of the ER staff' challenge posted on the WhateverWeaverWants mailing list.   
  Author's Notes: Mostly fluff, but with some hints of smut.  Thanks to Eeyore for beta-reading, and for being patient while I dragged my feet on this. <g>   
  Disclaimers: I had a lot more fun with them than TPTB at NBC, Warner Brothers, Constant C, etc. ever did, but they're the ones making money off these characters, not me.  
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Her lover's voice shook her out of daydreams that were part memory, part fantasy. She had been struggling to concentrate on the task at hand for the past few hours, but it seemed that all she could think about was Kim. They'd made love just that morning. That should have been enough for her. But she couldn't help reliving it--over and over. The way Kim had looked, still asleep, golden hair splayed across the pillow. The movements she made after Kerry started teasing her with light caresses--fighting off sleep and straining closer to her hands at the same time. Kim's hands, and the things they had done to her body. The look on Kim's face as she came. Kim's voice crying out her pleasure.


Kim's voice. It warmed her, in more ways than one. In her already-aroused state, it was almost too much. The object of her thoughts was within reach, now, and she wanted nothing more than to touch her, hold her, taste her. She knew she shouldn't, this was hardly the time or place. But she wanted this. Wanted to be in Kim's arms again. Oh, how she wanted it... Maybe the drug inventory could wait a little while longer...

"Close the door. I'm over here," she called from her position behind a row of shelving. She hoped that Kim was alone--and that she could hear the need in her voice.

Kim had come down to the ER on business. She hadn't needed to speak to Kerry, specifically. Any attending could have signed off on the transfer orders for Mr. Lucas, but hearing the...intimate timbre in Kerry's voice, she was glad she'd made the extra effort to seek Kerry out. She stepped into the room and carefully closed the door behind her.

"I wanted to let you know we found a halfway house that can take Mr. Lucas. We'll get him a bed upstairs tempo--" She had deliberately kept her tone neutral as she made her way around the stack of shelves, but the look in Kerry's eyes made her stop short. Those eyes were boring into her--stripping her bare.

"Kerry..." she attempted a half-hearted protest. They shouldn't be doing this--or even thinking about it--at work.

"Put down that damned clipboard and come here."

The demand sent a shiver through her. "Mhm-hmm," she set the clipboard on a shelf as she passed, already opening her arms to fold the smaller woman into an embrace.

"I have been thinking about you. All. Afternoon. This..." she indicated her own clipboard before carelessly tossing it aside, "stupid inventory is taking longer than it should because I can't seem to focus on anything but you." Kerry sounded only slightly annoyed at her own lack of concentration.

"Uh-huh. Something I can do to help?" Kim teased.

Kim's low, soft voice was Kerry's undoing. "Just this," she growled, sliding a hand behind Kim's neck and pulling her close enough to capture her lips and kiss her senseless.

Kim pulled away only when the need to breathe became too insistent--and just before her need for Kerry could overwhelm her better judgment.

"Kerry..." she gasped, "we--Oh!" She struggled to continue, despite the lips that were kissing a trail along her jaw line to her neck. "We...shouldn'"

"I know," Kerry purred, "and I probably shouldn't do this, either..." she said, as she slid a hand under Kim's sweater to caress her warm stomach. She let her fingers move upward in a light, teasing crawl until she could cup the nearest satin-covered breast in her palm.

Kim uttered a low humming sound as she arched into that hand. "Noooo, you probably shouldn't.... But if you stop, I may have to hurt you..."

"Mhm... Is that a threat? Or a promise?"

"Oh, whichever you prefer..." Kim's hands slid under Kerry's lab coat and did some exploring of their own as she pulled the smaller woman closer and leaned in for another kiss.

"Dr. Weaver?"

They'd become so wrapped up in each other that neither had registered the sound of the door opening. They tried to pull apart quickly. Kim turned to the side, anticipating the new arrival and trying to shield the shorter woman behind her as much as possible.

Randi rounded the corner and very quickly assessed the scene before her: they were slightly breathless, blushing, and Dr. Weaver's shirt was rumpled. She raised an eyebrow and smirked, "You know, there are better places around here for that. More private, less traffic... I can let you in on a few of them."

Randi watched the two women carefully. Weaver seemed to turn even redder, if that were possible. She noticed an odd little unspoken exchange between them. Legaspi looked back at Weaver and gestured with her head, and Weaver just frowned and shrugged slightly before looking back in her direction.

"You needed something, Randi?" Kerry attempted her best authority-figure growl, but it was considerably less than effective, under the circumstances. Even she didn't buy it.

Randi just snapped back into business-mode. "Uh, yeah. I need you to sign off on this supply requisition." She thrust the clipboard out towards them.

"Oh, I, uh... I can't right now." Dr. Weaver seemed even more embarrassed, suddenly. "Just--"

"Won't take but a second," Randi chirped.

Dr. Weaver slumped and looked down at her feet a moment. "No..." She looked back at Randi. "I mean I really can't. My arm... My bracelet's caught..." She made a vague gesture toward her right side.

Comprehension dawned on Kim at that moment. She looked down at Kerry, rolling her eyes. "Oh, wonderful... Wait--this is my favorite sweater, Kerry..." She seemed to have temporarily forgotten about their audience.

"I know," Kerry said quickly. "And if you help me, we should be able to..."

"I could give you a hand with that," Randi offered.

"NO!" the other women turned on her and cried in unison. Then Weaver made an effort to calm herself. "I'd like to try it myself, first. Could you turn around a minute?"

Randi sighed dramatically, but did as asked. "You know, I'd say you weren't any fun, but I get the feeling Dr. Legs there would disagree with me..."

"Dr. What?" Kim yelped as she jerked back to look at the ER desk clerk.

"Kim--no! Damn. I almost had it," Kerry growled, frustrated.

Randi smiled as she tried to picture the scene playing out behind her. She shrugged. "Sorry. It just seems to fit. And, you do have nice legs, from what I've seen."

"Um, thanks. I think," came Kim's low reply.

Kerry struggled with the chain and the material for another minute or so before her nerves and her frustration got the better of her. "Randi..." she began, before initiating a silent exchange with Kim--asking her lover's consent.


At Kim's shrug, Kerry continued, "I think I could use the extra help."

"'Bout time," Randi muttered as she turned and moved toward them. She grabbed the bottom of Kim's sweater and asked, "Okay?" before pulling it up slightly at Kim's exasperated nod.

She didn't comment on the fact that Kerry's fingers were still resting on Kim's ribcage. They both still had at least one arm free each and might take advantage of her proximity to throttle her for it. She went to work and, within seconds, managed to free them. Kerry quickly let her arm drop and took a step back.

"There you go. And just one bit of thread loose. No serious harm done." She then pulled out a pocketknife and carefully cut the hanging thread.

"That was quick!" Kim sounded impressed.

"Let's just say I've had lots oof practice," Randi smiled at the blonde as she smoothed the sweater back in place.

"Thank you, Randi," Kerry broke in, wanting to put an end to this little encounter as soon as possible. "Now. About that requisition?"

Randi turned back to Weaver, "Uh, yeah," then moved to retrieve her clipboard. "Here."

Kerry quickly signed the form and handed it back to the desk clerk. She maintained her grip on it even after Randi grabbed it. 

Kerry spoke in the most menacing tone she could manage, given the circumstances. "Randi. If you tell anyone--I mean anyone--about this... I'll commit a little aggravated mayhem myself." She let the threat sink in a moment. "Am I clear?"

"Crystal." The desk clerk shrugged and did her best to look unconcerned, but Kerry saw just enough apprehension, and maybe even a little grudging respect, to believe her secret was safe--for now.

"Thank you," Kerry's gratitude was genuine. She released the clipboard and watched as Randi walked back toward the door.

Randi couldn't resist another jab at the pair, though. "So, uh, should I lock the door on the way out?"

Kerry smiled as Kim waggled her eyebrows, but the gesture was more silliness than sensuality.

"Um, no, Randi. I think we can behave."

"'Kay. Um, Dr. Weaver?"


"When the news about you two gets out... If no one beats me to it, can I tell Malucci?"

Kerry thought about it a moment, then replied, "Only if you promise to describe his reaction to me in detail."

Randi laughed. "Deal. Oh, and Dr. Legs?" She stretched up slightly to peer at Kim over the supplies stacked on one of the shelves.

"Um. Yes?" Kim's eyes met Randi's.

"S'Weaver a tiger between the sheets?"

"Randi!" Kerry barked.

Randi watched a sly, lopsided smile forming on the blonde's face as she turned to look at the ER Chief.

"Kim..." Kerry spoke a warning, "Don't you dare!"

The grin only grew wider as she turned back. "Oh, yeah! Like you wouldn't believe," Kim purred.

"Kim! OhGod..."

"I knew it!" Randi crowed in triumph and quickly slipped out the door.

Kerry slumped against Kim in defeat. "Oh, my God. I'm never gonna live this down..."

Then she pulled back quickly, pointing an accusing finger at Kim. "And you! You were no help at all. Telling her that...that..."

Kim chuckled, "Hey, it's the truth! And it's not like I gave her any details..."

Kerry was hardly convinced.

"Besides," Kim continued, "you're not the one who has to live with being called 'Dr. Legs.' And she can get away with that in public! She has to keep your secret under wraps."

"Yeah," Kerry grunted. "But that doesn't mean I won't have to endure her smirking at me for weeks."

Kim smiled. "Don't worry. Juicier gossip will come along soon enough to distract her--it always does."

Kerry sighed. "I hope so."

The two settled into an easy embrace. It was simply comforting at first, but as Kerry became more conscious of the warmth of the body holding her and the rhythm of Kim's heartbeat, she could again feel the prickling of desire.

She murmured into the taller woman's neck, "If we stay like this much longer, it will probably just lead us into more trouble..."

"Mmm. Maybe I should ask Randi about those 'better spots' she mentioned?" Kim joked.

Kerry joined the game, "Well, show her some leg, and I'm sure she'll tell you anything you want to know."

"Oh, I don't know..." Kim raised an eyebrow, smiling, "You're the one she's imagined in bed!"

"Ohhh," Kerry groaned. "Thanks for reminding me..."

"Uh-oh, did I kill the mood?" Kim teased.

Kerry hugged her harder for a moment. "Mm. Yes and no." She looked up into her lover's eyes. "But, for the sake of both our reputations, maybe we should put this off until tonight and get back to work."

Kim sighed. "You're right. It doesn't do anything for my frustration level, but... It's probably for the best. You're off at five?"


"So, 5:30?" Kim smiled.

Kerry returned the gesture. "Sounds good, but shouldn't we at least try to eat something, first?"

Kim's smile widened. "Good idea. I'm off at four. I could pick something up. Chinese okay?"

"That sounds wonderful, Kim. If I don't see you before your shift's over, I'll look forward to tonight."

"Oh, me too... Tiger." Kim's smile was full of gentle teasing, but the desire in her eyes left little doubt that she would be easy prey. She leaned in to place a light kiss on Kerry's temple and reluctantly let go of the redhead. "See you later."

Kim grabbed her clipboard and got almost as far as the door before turning back. She peered around the side of the shelving unit, leaning against it slightly. "For future reference... My office--when I'm not in session, of course--privacy, lock on the door, comfy couch..."

"Go!" Kerry groaned, clenching her legs together against the sensations evoked by the idea. "Before I race you upstairs right now."

"Promises, promises." The invitation was clear. Kim smiled suggestively before heading out into the ER and back upstairs to her own domain.

The end.

© July 2001