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Fanfiction by suzotcha67 aka Susan P.


General Story Content Disclaimer: This site contains FemSlash. Almost all stories on this site depict loving relationships between two female characters.  If you are offended by this, or if you're under the age of 18, then you should look elsewhere for fanfic.

Recent Updates:

Site update 2/13/2012: Added a new section for my Babylon 5 fic, and one new story to that section.

NEW - A Meeting of Minds -- Babylon 5 -- Susan/Talia -- 13+

Site update 7/16/2011: Added a new story to the Miscellaneous section.

IDF 2011 Fic When Opportunity Knocks... -- The Good Wife -- Alicia/Kalinda -- 13+

Site update 7/18/2009: Added a new story to the Guiding Light section.

IDF_logo  Something, Not This -- Guiding Light -- Olivia/Natalia, Olivia/Doris (sort of) -- 13+

Site update 7/8/2009: Added a new story to the Guiding Light section.

Where You Belong -- Guiding Light -- Olivia/Natalia -- 13+