Uncharted Territories

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Recent Updates:

Site update 3/16/2009: Added one new story to the Miscellaneous section.

NEW - Steps on the Road to Us -- Guiding Light -- Olivia/Natalia -- 13+
This piece is a follow-up to Uncomfortable Truths

Site update 2/22/2009: Added one new story in a new fandom to the Miscellaneous section:

NEW - Uncomfortable Truths -- Guiding Light - Olivia/Natalia -- Rating: 13+ for adult themes

Site update 7/19/2008: Added one new story to the Star Trek section:

Steam -- Janeway/Seven -- Rating: 17+ for nudity and sexual situations

Site update 6/23/2008: Added nine stories to the ER section:

Six Kerry/Abby stories
Two Kerry/Susan stories
One Kerry/Courtney story

All of which can be found in the ER section.

Site update 6/15/2008: Added two stories to the X-Files section:

The "Mulder Who?" series:
Attack of the Killer Cockroaches -- X-Files -- Sc/R (sort of), Reyex/f (sort of) -- 13+
Sure. Fine. Whatever. -- X-Files -- Sc/R (sort of), Reyex/f (sort of) -- 13+

Site update 6/8/2008: Added twelve stories:

Added three stories to the Scully/Reyes section of my X-Files page: "The Metaphysics of Scully," "I Dream of Reyes," & "Low Visibility."

Added three stories to my ER page: "Broken Hearts" (Kerry/Elizabeth), "A Friend in Need" (Kerry/Randi), & "Full Moon Friday Night" (Kerry/Randi).

Uploaded my remaining completed (so far) All My Children stories, six in all: "Accountability," "I Can Stay," "One Moment of Normal," "Lost and Found," "Necessary Truths," & "Perversity and Other Embarrassments."

Site update 6/1/2008: Added five stories:

I added the 'Fantasy Dialogues' series, which includes 3 stories related to the Lena/Bianca pairing, to my All My Children page.

I also added the 'I Forgot to Tell You' series to the Janeway/Seven section of my Star Trek page.  Two stories, thus far, the first of which is located here.

Site update 5/26/2008: Added six stories:

I added the four remaining installments (to date) of the Angst on a Shoestring series to the Scully/Other section of the X-Files page.

I also added two Janeway/Seven pieces to the J/7 section of my Star Trek page
What Happens Next -- Star Trek: Voyager -- Janeway/Seven -- 15+
You WHAT, Doctor? -- Star Trek: Voyager -- Janeway/Seven -- 13+

Site update 5/18/2008: Added two stories:

Caught in the Act -- ER -- Kerry/Kim) -- 13+

Disclosures: Public and Private -- ER -- Kerry/Kim -- 13+



Site update 5/12/2008: Added navigation menus to the story pages.

Added two stories:

I Can't Believe I Did That -- ER -- Kerry/Abby (sort of), Kerry/Kim) -- 13+

Angst on a Shoestring I -- X-Files -- Scully/ofc -- 13+



Site update 4/26/2008: Semi-major changes in terms of setting up the look and navigation of the site. I'm still not sure I'm satisfied with the background, &/or color scheme, but it'll do for now. :)  I still need to add the navigation menu to the story pages, however.

I also added four additional stories:

Comfort...And Affection -- The Sarah Connor Chronicles -- Sarah/Cameron -- 13+

Night Terrors -- Farscape -- Zhaan/? (surprise) -- 13+

The Color of Pleasure -- Star Trek: DS9 -- Mirror Universe -- Intendant/Ezri Tigan -- 17+

Drawn to the Rhythm -- Stargate SG-1 -- Sam/Janet -- 15+

Circumstances -- Odo/Kira -- Rating: 13+ for adult concepts